Darji Voice

The Darji Voice is our quarterly community newsletter. It includes information about forthcoming events, news, stories and includes a picture gallery. Produced in English and Gujarati we produce the Darji Voice entirely through the help and support of volunteers.

It is written and produced by members of the Communications teams and we are always looking for contributors to the Darji Voice. So if you're an aspiring journalist, copywriter or photographer why not help us by contributing to the Darji Voice, you will be credited for your efforts. Or if you have any news stories you would like included please contact us.

We're also looking for sponsorship of Darji Voice so if you want to reach a Darji audience why not ask us about advertising opportunities in the Darji Voice, darjivoice@darjimandal.org.uk.

If you don't receive a copy of Darji Voice but would like to, please contact our Database Team on directory@darijmandal.org.uk.

Our previous Darji Voice's can be downloaded and viewed here. They are available as PDF files for which you will need Adobe Reader installed, if you don't have it you can download it from Adobe here.

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