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Once you have agreed to terms and viewed the hall. Complete the Hall Booking Agreement and Terms and Conditions Documents. These should be completed online, any attachments uploaded, then e-signed and submitted to the Hall booking officer.

Follow this link to View and Download the Hall Booking Agreement and Terms & Conditions Document. Also you can review answers to general questions and how to get there Map

The information found in this section does NOT form part of our Terms and Conditions and is simply provided to answer some of the most common questions we receive regarding the booking of The Pavillion Hall. You will be required to read the [Full Terms & Conditions] which will be sent to you with a quote or booking proposal.

General Questions

Booking the Venue

We do not reserve any dates unless a holding deposit has been paid. Deposit required for Main Hall hire is £500 (£300 for DMMUK members), deposits are required to secure any date, if we have not received deposit or full payment your requested booking date can be cancelled at any time without notice. Full payment is normally due within 14 days of deposit payment or as advised. A further security deposit will be required and held until the end of the hire and refunded within 14 days, less any deductions that may be applicable.

Conditions and hours of hiring

Hiring times: 9am – 11pm (Sun – Thurs), 9am – 11.30pm (fri & Sat)
Hiring conditions: Booking times must include preparation, caring and cleaning time
Minimum hire: Five (5) hours

Please note that any time required for table dressing, decorating, layout etc. including removal or restoration of such items by you or any third party must be completed WITHIN the hire period.

Any and all participants of the booked event have to vacate the premises WITHIN the hire period, this includes all guests, any performers, DJ’s, Caterers, staff etc. Please make sure timings are adhered to as you will incur extra cost and this amount will be deducted from your security deposit.

Capacity / Layouts / Table Plans

The maximum capacity of the entire venue is 450 persons (this includes any third party staff – i.e. caterers/DJ’s etc). If a banquet type event with all guests seated on the round tables the capacity in the main hall is reduced to 300 – 350. Please review the [Seating Layout] for details.

If the Maximum Capacity of 350 exceeded at any time the hire will be instantly terminated.


If your hire includes usage of the Kitchen this includes ‘warming food only’, please note NO fats or oils are to be disposed of down the drains or in the grounds outside. Please ensure your caterer brings containers to take away and dispose of cooking oils, surplus or waste.

You will be responsible for the kitchen to be left in a clean and hygienic condition at the end of hire, Ensure your caterer is fully aware of this and leaves the kitchen in a clean and hygienic condition at end of the hire. We reserve the right to charge you should this not be the case.

License / Drinks

Yes, however there will be a corkage charge. Please enquire when filling in the [online application form].

Music and public performance

Yes. However all music is monitored and must be supplied through the monitoring system and MUST STOP at 11pm. We do operate a cut out system which will shut off power to all PA systems should sound levels exceed the maximum advised.


If you intend to use any form of sound amplification (DJ, live band etc) please be aware that the hall is located within a residential area and we have to keep very stringent control on the sound levels generated, the management will advise you if the levels are too high.

Please note the use of Dhol after 9.00 pm is not permitted on our premises. 

Bypassing the monitoring system is NOT permitted and can cause damage to the electrical system. Hirer will be responsible for any costs & Deposit will not be refunded.

Decorating the Pavilion

Please specify any and all type of decor you may intend to use to the management staff when confirming your booking as there may be restrictions; please refer to the terms & conditions of hire.

No pyrotechnics are allowed.
No confetti or confetti bombs are allowed.
Absolutely no staples / nails / screws etc to be used by decorators. Any damage will be your responsibility.

No candles, only one tea light per table, in a safe and suitable holder. (LED type candles are allowed).

Main contact

The person who books the venue on the application form may not necessarily be the main contact during the event therefore we will require one contact point person named in the application form, who will need to be available during the whole hire period to liaise with concerning any requests/directions by either party.

Additional information:

  • The building has a No Smoking policy. 
  • Hirer must bring their own cleaning product i.e. washing up liquid, black bags etc. 
  • Table covering must be used. 
  • All windows and doors are to remain closed and only to be opened in an emergency. 
  • Smoke machines are not allowed. 
  • Only 15 black bags will fit in one big bin. 
  • The person hiring the hall is responsible for ensuring that noise doesn’t cause a nuisance to local residents as by local by laws. 
  • Charities must enclose a letter headed paper to qualify for the Charity discount. 

Please call Ishaver and Varsha Tailor on 07956 401599 for more information.