The Darji Voice is produced between twice or quarterly years and is written and produced by members of DMMUK. We are always looking for contributors to the newsletter, so if you’re an aspiring journalist, copywriter or photographer, why not help us.

If you have any news and highlights to share and reach the wider community, DV is a platform of sharing your information to our community to engage and connect with all different age groups. 

Your news can be about: 

  • Events: community members can attend; why and the benefits. 
  • Volunteering activities – why did you take part and how did it help you.
  • Achievements and recognitions: Both professional and personal 
  • Highlights: Has anyone received recognition on their achievements past and present – let’s share it
  • Personal news – work anniversaries, matrimonial, milestones, ambitions you’ve met and what it means to you.

To share your news, email to [email protected] and together we can increase our readership. 

We’re also looking for sponsorship of Darji Voice so if you want to reach a Darji audience why not ask us about advertising opportunities in the Darji Voice, [email protected]

If you would like to be added to our mailing list to receive an online copy of the Darji Voice, email [email protected] and we will make sure your name is added.

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