Our bereavement services are offered FREE to all DMMUK members residing in the UK. Please click on the link below for more information on those we have sadly lost in our community.

The format of the Beswanu/Prathna consists of two hours of Bhajans, followed by ‘offering condolences’ to the bereaved family. We have received feedback from mourners who feel that two hours is too long to sit through and give their condolences at the end. Therefore, we have looked at how other communities perform their Beswanu/Prathna process and what their communities offer: 

  1.  SADRI: Bhajans playing in the background, the Bereaved family meet the mourners who have the option to offer their condolences and depart or sit and stay for a while. 
  2.  The Bereaved family accept condolences before the start of Prathna/Bhajans for a prescribed time. This will allow the mourners either to depart or stay for the Prathna. 
  3. The Prathna will start as of now with clear signage that informs mourners that they do not have to stay till the end. They can meet the bereaved family and pay their respects before departing. 

The above are options and we would like to respond to the feedback from the members. However, it is up to the bereaved family to choose how they wish to organise this process. 

When there is bereavement, and you would like to inform the community with the news via email, website and Facebook, please email [email protected] or contact any of our committee members. We offer members the use of our hall for free for up to 5 hours, to book the hall please contact our Hall Booking Officer on 07956401599.

To submit information about a bereavement, please fill in the form and we will confirm details to you before posting online.