DMMUK / Donations

DMMUK strives to support charities and causes
that make a difference in society.

Today Darji Mitra Mandal of UK (DMMUK) connects and engages with over 5000 members of our community with events and communications.

 In order for DMMUK to continue serving our community, we welcome any donations. Your financial support will help DMMUK continue to grow and root our future young people with the principles, values and aims of our mission.

We want to support our community with their own causes. So, whether you’re running a marathon, hosting a bake sale, walking up Kilimanjaro or doing something unique, DMMUK will promote by adding your fundraising project, or Just Giving page to this section. We can also share your project on DMMUK’s social media page and help you reach your goal in making a difference to society. Contact us on [email protected] with details of your fundraising project.

DMMUK have supported the following charities in the past: