About Us

The Darji Mitra Mandal of the UK was constituted in 1958 and was established in the UK to support the Darji community to be together and live in harmony with each other by participation, co-operation, mutual understanding and to help needy community members in India. These principles, set half a century ago by these foresighted founding members were adopted by those who joined them from all different parts of the world such as East Africa, Fiji and India and are still as important today as they were then.

Over the past fifty years The Darji Mitra Mandal has evolved as has our community. Adapting to modern life we strive to maintain our Hindu traditions in today's modern, fast paced life. Taking time out to connect with friends and family through the generations is important for our community.

Today, as over the past fifty years the Mandal is run entirely by the members for the members and exists through the kind support of the community. In turn the Mandal aims to help members wherever it can.