Our Mission

The Darji Mitra Mandal continues to deliver on the founding principles and aims of working better for the community by reaching out and establishing a uniformed community through trust, transparency and creditability.

Our History

The Darji Mitra Mandal of the UK (DMMUK) was constituted in 1958 and was established to support the Darji community in the UK to live and support each other. DMMUK continues to deliver on the founding principles and aims.

Our Team

The DMMUK team are all hardworking committed volunteers who during their spare time serve our community. Every two years the committee stand and are elected during the annual AGM.

DMMUK Regional

We are proud of our regional communities who have also established a Darji identity at a local level.

Our bereavement services are offered to all DMMUK members residing in the UK who have sadly passed away. We offer members the use of our hall for FREE for up to 5 hours.