Moderation Policy

We review all comments submitted to our website and we have the right to remove comments . We moderate comments to eradicate spamming (common place on all blogs), to encourage interesting debate and to remove anything that we believe to be inappropriate, irrelevant or offensive to other readers.

We completely support the principal of freedom of speech but reserve the right to have final say over what is published on our website.

We only accept comments from people who leave their name and a valid email address, this is to ensure people post their comments responsibly. It is easy to be offensive anonymously and we believe that users of our site should take responsibility for their comments.

We publish comments immediately because we are a community site that believe in transparency. We also want to ensure transparency and honest debate but if we find that you have contravened our moderation policy we will take action.

Moderation of comments could lead to the following outcomes:

  • we decide to remove a comment

  • we censor a comment (removing part of a comment)
  • we disemvowel a comment (remove all vowels, making a comment more difficult to read) to indicate our disagreement or displeasure with the content of a comment.
  • we remove hyperlinks from your post

Here is some indication of what we consider unacceptable behaviour that will provoke us into taking action:

  • Spamming, re-posting text you've already posted all over the Internet.

  • Directing unpleasant comments at any individual, if you have a problem with something on this website contact usabout it.

  • Being nasty without reason.
  • Using unnecessarily inciteful comments. If you have a point to make, make it clearly but please do so in language not likely to spark an angry response.
  • Simply repeating a comment that someone else has already posted.

Please contact us if:

  • You believe your comment has unfairly been removed
  • You see a comment that is offensive or unacceptable in anyway.
  • You have a comment to make but would prefer that we don't publish it.
  • You take issue with any aspect of this policy.

n.b. This document is subject to change.