DMMUK Membership

We hope you’ve had a positive start to 2019.  We are writing to remind you that your Annual Membership with DMMUK will end on 31st March 2019 and hope you have taken full advantage of your membership benefit to date.
The cost for renewal is:  Annual Membership @ £10 per year or Life Membership is a one off cost @ £151.
With your membership, you can take advantage on a range of benefits - below is a reminder:

  • Reduced cost on hall hire (33% discount on rent and 40% less deposit)
  • Free usage of hall for bereavement (up to 5hrs)
  • Free or discounted entry to the Navratri Garbas
  • Discount on ticket cost for Friday Club and other DMM Events
  • Ability to be updated and receive latest news via email and receive printed copy of DMMUK Darji Voice

We are always looking at increasing these benefits, therefore keep reading our emails and publications for updates.
To renew your membership, please see the attached form which outlines details on membership benefits, simply fill in the form and return it to us with a cheque.  Alternatively, email your completed form to and transfer payment to DMMUK.
We welcome your support by renewing your Annual Membership as this will contribute in allowing the DMMUK to put together events that will bring our community together and celebrate variety of religious and social events. Please do spread the word to other Darji family and friends and encourage them to become member too.

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments; please do not hesitate to contact us by emailing at
Many thanks for your continued support.
Kind regards,

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