Jai Shree Krishna

When someone you love passes away it is always difficult to make sense of what’s happened and to think ahead. We would like to help and take some of the pressure off you by offering the free use of our Darji Community Hall** for up to 4 hours (which includes 1 hour for setting up). You may have extra time** at the normal hire charge.

The free access to the hall can be used for either Beswanu OR Shanti Prathna OR Barmu Termu. It’s up to you and your family to decide which one of these functions you wish to use the hall for but it’s subject to availability.

Darji Mitra Mandal of UK are able to post the sad news and funeral details on the community website and advise people to check the website for the latest details. This should reduce the number of phone calls to the homes of the bereaved family asking for the funeral details, etc.

Darji Mitra Mandal of UK can also send out an email, to those community members who have signed up, informing them of the sad news and details of the funeral arrangements. 

We would encourage you to consider the use of the hall** to hold one day “Beswanu” where the community members can come to pay their respects to the whole family. Most homes are not large enough to cater for the extended families, friends and community members.

Shanti Prathna
You can use the hall** for Shanti Prathna and you have a choice of any of the following formats;

1) Darji Mitra Mandal can run the Shanti Prathna and the Shanti Prathna team will sing the Bhajans.

2) The family can run the Shanti Prathna and can have a Bhajan mandali (arranged by the family) with Darji Mitra Mandal to start and finish the Shanti Prathna.

3) Darji Mitra Mandal can provide the Bhajan books and also Bhajans on iPod; which can be used as background music or as a lead for everyone to join in with. Darji Mitra Mandal will start & finish the Shanti Prathna.

4) At the family home with Darji Mitra Mandal to start and finish the Shanti Prathna.

5) For families who do not wish to have Darji Mandal involvement but want their own Bhajan Mandli for the Prathna, or wish to do the Prathna and Bhajans themselves.

Barmu Termu
The family can hold the Barmu Termu at the Darji Community Hall**

If you have any questions or require any assistance, please contact Bharat Tailor on 07818 424 720 OR Pravin Jivan on 07951 850 727.

Hall Availability
To check hall availability and/or book, please contact Ishaver or Varsha on 07956 401 599 or email

Terms & conditions apply, contact us on 07956 401 599 or for details

Please CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THE BEREAVEMENT FORM then email the completed form to

Please accept our condolences on behalf of DMMUK

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